My Family Story

Capture family history and life stories

Join us in your pajamas from the comfort of your armchair to capture your unique family milestones

Every family’s story is unique and valuable. Foster closer relationships with your loved ones by connecting your living relatives with their family history. Lynn Palermo, experienced genealogy educator, demonstrates how to share family history stories that are compelling and entertaining using today’s technology.

Each module covers a different method for connecting your living relatives with their family history. These methods will help you to share not only stories of the past but today’s stories as they are created. Lynn covers digital family history newsletters, digital timelines, creating a family history video from old photographs, and social media opportunities for connecting family. You can also learn how to start a family history podcast.

If you wish to be more traditional, Lynn presents a variety of styles and options available for building a captivating family history book. All these methods are easy to learn and require only basic computer skills.

Every family's story is unique and valuable. Learn how to capture yours, on your own schedule.
Engage in meaningful conversations and foster family relationship.
Self-reflect and appreciate family traditions, customs, history, and unique memories.

What you'll get by joining My Family Story

  • Free webinars that you can start, pause or stop at anytime
  • Recommended activities, PDF templates, and tools to add to your Legacy Journal themed around motherhood, fatherhood, marriage and family
  • Guidance from a genealogy educator in a Facebook forum where you can ask questions and get support with others who are journeying with you